Welcome to my website, here you will find most of  my works  until now, also a little about me and press articles.
If you need help about pricing, shipping, fell free to use the contact page.

A couple of  comments from previous clients:

Usha’s art is amazing! Absolutely stunning! I have about a 5 to 6 of her paintings and they are sooo rich,full of color and texture. I have received wonderful comments from all my neighbors and friends as these paintings just make my rooms energetic!

There is so much energy in her paintings! Still they are all different subject and techniques. Usha’s art, is rich and powerful, happy and creative. If you see a piece online that you like, chances are, .that in person you will like it much better”.

Usha, the artist, is known for her portraits, abstract paintings, figurative paintings and still life. Her paintings are coated with varnish to protect the colors for extended life And durability. All the paintings displayed in this web site are Usha’s originals. The Abstracts paintings are done in Acrylic and the portraits in oils / pastel..

Several of the paintings have been sold out. However, if an abstract painting somewhat similar to any of those displayed in the web site is desired, an attempt will be made by the artist to recreate the work to the extent possible. Every art lover knows that exact reproduction of any abstract painting is impossible.

Now You Know All About Me

Time To purchase :)


  • hi there, we saw your artwork and really liked it. We are a non-profit artists and community outreach project here in Portland, we teach free and low cost classes to at risk youth and low income artists. We are holding a fundraiser event on March 2nd,for more details check out

  • Usha is an artistic genius!
    I wanted to do somthing special for my fiance’s bday. We have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now and (we’ve been talking about girl names, strongly thinking we would have a girl) I thought it would be amazing (but far fetched) to pull the future to present by aging me, my fiance’ and stepson and totally creating our unborn daughter by using our features. I needed a miracle because I only had alittle over a week until my fiance’s bday. Usha responded and said she would love to do it. I sent pictures and Explained features through email. When she emailed me the finished portrait I was speachless and different types of emotions hit me all at once. Before I could gather myself, tears started falling (ONLY 2 tho lol).
    I met up with Usha 2days after to purchase the portrait and I swear she had an aura around her and a brite, warm smile! lol (she’s a beautiful person). I HAD to hug her because she realistically preserved my future on canvas, we talked alittle more then I left.

    When I got home my fiance’ wanted 2 see what I had so I said “Happy bday” and showed her. She looked confused at first. Then before I could explain it to her she started crying and said “I know”. I said “Do you know who the girl is”? She said “yes… Aspen”.

    We love the portrait! I never mentioned how i wanted the layout either. I couldnt be more happier with it. USHA IS A TRUE ARTIST! She loves what she does and it shows!! Thank you Usha
    I had an idea that I wanted to have created for my fiance’s birthday. The idea was that I wanted a portrait of me, my stepson, my fiance’ and unborn child AGED 12 to 15 years from now.. My fiance’ and I have been trying for a child for months now and we’ve had talks about a daughter ( a boy or a girl would be blessing for us) so I wanted to capture that! I started searching for portrait artists but I was nervous explaining the theme because I thought they would think it was ridiculous. lol. Usha responded and was excited about the project. We didnt have a lot of time (mabe a week). I sent pictures and explained certain features and Usha worked with what i had. She kept me updated on progress and when she email me the finished piece, I couldnt gather my manly emotions quick enough before my eyes filled with tears. I dont know how to explain that emotion that i felt looking at my unborn daughter, my stepson fiance’ and I (older).. I was trapped between several different emotions and they

  • Hi,

    My name is Nishi and I saw your website of Oil paintings. I liked it very much. Could you please give me your contact no. and address so that I can get some good books for myself. I am interested in doing village paintings and Rajastani paintings.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi Usha,

    I was just looking at the Krishna painting in absolutearts.com which is up for sale.
    Is it still available ? What price ? What are the shipping options that you offer ?
    We live in Boston, MA

  • Hello ma’am
    I saw your site and its brilliant. All of your works are fabulous specially oil painting of belur sculpture. Its marvellous. Once again heres wishing you a very happy new year and good wishes to you.

  • Usha,
    I Cried when I saw Woman in her Imagination. I am still crying as I write you this E mail. Thank you so much for taking the time to document the beauty of the woman spirit. You will never know what that means to me personally at this time in my life………… and the paintings on your sight evoked a lot a beautiful emotions I have been unable to allow myself to feel. Your uncanny knowledge pulled so much out of me the minute I looked at your stuff. I would like to talk with you more on your works – actually they are masterpieces!
    All the best,
    & thank you so much for allowing yourself to document images with your truest, and beautiful nature.

  • I have gone through each page of the web site. Each and every art work looks great! I was thrilled and really appreciate your work. Keep it up! I will contact you soon.

  • Leann and Rick Jensen

    Wow! Usha, I had no idea you were and are so talented,I’m impressed,Rick. Its a pleasure to know such a fine Artist and person,everyday I enjoy the painting of the Poppies you painted for me.(hanging on wall in bedroom)Leann

  • Hi,
    I enjoyed every painting of your collection.I feel people like you are successful in life doing best in their field.I love painting but it was left as a dream to me. My brother did BFA in Andhra University and now working in Navodaya School. Will be happy if you reply me back

  • Reminds me old masters works! Wow, exquisite portraiture work! Reminds me of great masters works! Every media you worked is great! Keep it up Usha. Will look forward for more great paintings!

  • An impressive site that makes viewing easy.Enjoyed your site and the information on tanjore painting. I am glad to now see your talent. Good fortune to you.

  • It’s exceptional – so professional, easy to use, very attractive.
    You are truly a blessed and talented person, Usha. You have an eye of a sincere and gifted artist – such detail, such fine expressions. I hope someday to see some in person. Thanks for sharing this site with me.

  • It was very easy to reach and I found it immediately. I was very impressed with your work. Would like to see it in person. I like the fact that being an Indian, you have not stuck with just Indian subjects. Hope to see more of your paintings

  • very nice.
    Hey usha, i finaly got it to load! Is the one with the woman thru the rain the new painting? it’s lovely! 2004

  • no comments on ur paintings but i have an request as even i do the paintings i want some details can u plz help me in that

  • You have a rare talent. Thank you for sharing your site with us. Will share with my NY friends. You should have an exhibit. Much success to you. Glad to hear you do portraits. We hope your frame work is just as beauttiful.

  • Very beautiful!

    Dear Usha:
    I don’t have a computer at home so I needed to wait until I came back to work today to write you. Again, this is the most beautiful painting and Michelle and I are so proud to have it. I catch her often looking at it. I know she is very happy with it. I needn’t feared that she would be. I told her it is the second most dear and important gift I have given her, second only to her engagement ring. The colors in the portrait are so lovely, but most of all, you capture her dear and kind spirit – something I feel is deep in her heart. We have not hung it yet, though we know where it will go. We just haven’t been home long enough to do so. It sits safely on our settee just waiting for it’s place on the wall. I know we will cherish it forever. You were also very kind to get it done in time for me to give it as her Christmas present. Though we are not taking it with us to Virginia later in the week for her family to see, they can easily look at it on the web. When they come to see us then they can see the real thing. Again, many many thanks for doing it, for the rush job, for the special price, but mostly for capturing her soul on canvas. Take Care and Love, Tom

  • Hi Ushaji,
    I am so inspired by your work as i am learning oil painting myself. I am in huntsville, al and wanted to know do you ever conduct classes in nearby places. I would love to come for it.

  • do you interesting wholesale oil painting from dafen oil painting village?wait for your good news.

  • Absolutely fantastic!!!!!I am so glad to have found you! You have met me, and I had no idea you were so wonderfully talented. You did not tell me!

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