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Passion for colors and years of training in media such as oils, acrylic, porcelain, pastels, abstracts, mixed media and pottery have brought Usha to a point where she is now – known nationally and internationally, as an artist who brings life into canvas.

“I still remember my first real painting — it was of a little girl, smiling, and prancing down in a small flower garden. Upon seeing the painting, my mom burst into tears. How could a mere painting bring tears to one’s eyes?

Well, my mom told me that it actually reminded her of her own childhood; it brought back all those sweet childhood memories she thought she had forgotten; the painting connected with her. And that is when I realized that painting can be such a remarkable way of communicating and connecting with people”.

“I paint portraits, figurative, sceneries, and abstracts, on different media, be it acrylic, oil, mixed media or porcelain; I took formal painting courses, won accolades and recognitions, got cited in newspapers and art magazines.

As much as I enjoyed playing with colors, and blending reality with imagination, I painted each and every painting with just one goal in mind and that is to connect with people — to bring a smile to a face; to bring a tear to an eye; to bring back a sweet memory; to take one to their land of dreams; and then to bring them back to reality.

There were times when people hugged me and cried when they saw my work – and it made me feel proud of my work, it made me feel that it’s worth so much…”

“The creation of successful portrait or figurative art involves deep observation and transferring it on to the canvas. It requires a deep sensitivity to pull out the uniqueness in each subject. I love painting people as I enjoy pulling out the glow that exists within each individual and capture their inner beauty”.


My life revolves around colors and canvas. Art is my passion and I believe this is reflected in my artwork. I am fascinated with the power and energy that can be portrayed in abstract art and I want the viewer to feel the same energy and vitality through my paintings.


"A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. A painting, I’d say, is worth a lifetime".

Listening to the viewer feelings and by seeing their expression is the best treat and satisfaction for any artist.


Usha’s work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally in galleries, cultural centers, and public venues.

She got recognition in the form of several gold, silver, bronze, and merit awards at renowned national and international art shows. Some of her works are displayed in galleries as permanent collection.

Usha gets highly emotional when she talks of the driving force within her. She says: “for me each work is unique and has its own personal and intuitive meaning, While working on one piece, another concept often emerges”.

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