Natures Lust

Natures Lust

I use different mediums to get different effects in my paintings. I started using resin along with fluid acrylics, inks, pearlescent, metallic powders and spray paint. With blow torch help, I create the beautiful details. I might add chemicals which creates more of the desired effects. Careful layering and manipulation produce vibrant abstracts, bursting with energy, with a glass-like finish. It’s taken me time and many attempts to develop my own style of using resin, to get the effects I want. There is an element of danger added as the fumes are sweet but deadly. The process begins with the mixing of the resin and its catalyst; a chemical reaction ensues and time becomes an important dimension in the work. Fluid motion is the natural flow that can be controlled only to a point, It’s about learning how and when to let go. The painting you see is the summarization of many layers and chemical reactions polymerized.


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20" x 20"


Resin on wood


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