Standing in a row


Standing in a row

Still life art is a universal genre that most visual artists have worked in. Commonplace inanimate objects purposefully arranged to emphasize texture, color, and composition have made still life art the perfect teaching tool for beginning artists and a way for professionals to hone their skills. Still life art is a pictorial work of art depicting an arrangement of inanimate subjects–often domestic, such as plants, food, dishes, vases, birds and so on.

The story behind this painting:
While i am doing my reguler chores, I got ready to cut onions to make curry. Unexpetingly the onions i set for cutting were spread out in a row and looked painterly. So i decided to paint that scene. I took photographs and started sketching. That day no cooking!! Ended up Ordering food from out side. I guess this is how a painters life will be!!!

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Oil on canvas.


10" x 20"


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